About Us

Having other business in the fraud prevention software space, we got tired receiving requests from Shopify store owners we couldn't help with our enterprise fraud prevention software.

So we decided to create Fraud Judge - a real-time fraud prevention solution, specifically tailored for Shopify. 

What is Fraud Judge?

Fraud Judge is a real-time fraud prevention system, created specifically for Shopify platform.

Fraud Judge takes the best technologies of the enterprise fraud prevention world and simplifies them down to the most essential features that are applicable to the needs of Shopify store owners, then delivers them in easy to install and convenient to use Shopify plugin.

Flexible billing plans

No Shopify store owner should be left behind because they couldn't afford a fraud prevention solution.

That's why our plans are fair and flexible - switch anytime as your business needs change. We even offer a free starter plan to those of you who are just launching their stores and testing different fraud prevention tools.

Essentials only

Don't include 30 features when you only need 5 - that sums up our approach to product development.

Contrary to many other solutions that offer 95% of extra features that are rarely or never used by most clients, we concentrate on essentials that are most critical to Shopify store owners. 

Easy to setup

Fraud Judge doesn't require any complex integrations or product setups - just install Fraud Judge plugin from Shopify store and start preventing fraud today.

GDPR compliant

Fraud Judge is fully GDPR-compliant and does not require any modifications to operate in Europe under GDPR data protection regulations. 

Just launching your Shopify store?

Starting wisely amounts to at least half the success. Built Fraud Judge into your order fulfillment processes to fully enjoy the benefits of real-time fraud prevention from day 1. And it will even cost you nothing at all if your order volume hasn't picked up yet.

Fraudulent orders are looming in and you're unsure how to respond?

Chances are that you already had plenty of fraud cases in your operational history and so far wasn't able to counter them effectively. Fraud Judge will help you to take your fraud prevention processes to a totally new level.

Your store revenue is rapidly growing?

If your Shopify store is rapidly growing, its critical to have effective fraud prevention processes in place, as risk of fraud increases with each additional order processed. We offer the best value for growing stores, letting you focus on business growth and not worrying about expenses of your fraud prevention program.

Improve your Shopify Fraud Protection with Fraud Judge

Improve your Shopify fraud protection from online fraud, fake customers, and delivery scams by choosing Fraud Judge now!Start your free 30-day trial and experience the full potential Fraud Judge has to offer.

Accept high-risk orders with confidence, at the same time improving the quality of customer experience you offer. Fraud Judge will help you apply flexible, risk-based principles in your Shopify fraud protection, at the same time keeping the checkout experience seamless for your customers.

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