Shopify Fraud Protection for your store

Protect your Shopify store from fraudulent orders with Shopify Protect and dramatically reduce the number of chargebacks with the latest real-time Shopify fraud protection plugin. 

Shopify fraud filter rules

The effectiveness of your Shopify fraud protection tools depends directly on their flexibility. Fraud Judge allows you to precisely tailor Shopify fraud filter rules to your business needs to prevent online fraud effectively. You can manage order quantities, set dynamic limits on a single order and automatically request additional ID or delivery address verification when in doubt, to make sure that every order you fulfill is legitimate. 

Fraud Judge can handle certain predefined scenarios automatically or can be set to alert you in real-time on any suspicious activity observed, leaving you enough time to stop fraud manually, using your best judgment. 

With Fraud Judge, you will be able to: 

Screen high-risk orders effectively, immediately flagging suspicious customers, delivery addresses, or payment methods.

Automatically request additional info verification before fulfilling orders that meet certain risk criteria.

Build your own database of suspicious orders and use it afterward to automatically detect orders with similar patterns in the future.

Detect suspicious orders

Shopify chargeback protection

Immediately detect any orders that are coming from a new customer and are of significantly higher quantity compared to thousands of other orders from other new customers.

Suspicious delivery addresses

Automatically screen all delivery addresses and detect any suspicious addresses that were previously involved in fraudulent orders.

Accept high-risk orders with confidence

Selling high-ticket or age-restricted items?

Don't worry about orders going the wrong way or about non-compliance with regulations. Use Fraud Judge to automatically request ID verification of the buyer before accepting such orders.

Set order value limits to protect your downside

The new customer checks out, but you're still worried about the order being fraudulent? No problem! With Fraud Judge, you can set different total order value limits on different types of orders for different customer groups, to protect your downside when selling expensive items.

Verify customers' identities before fulfilling orders

The customer's billing and shipping addresses do not match?

Don't take any chances, especially with high-ticket, luxury items. Automatically request additional delivery address verification to make sure that the customer actually has access to the location you're about to deliver the product. 

Proof of age is required by law before accepting an order?

Fraud Judge ensures full compliance of your Shopify store to any local, state, and international age restrictions for certain products or product groups. Automatically verify customers' age on every purchase and conveniently save provided verification documents for further reference and reporting.

Identity Verification

Verify your customers' identities and ages whenever required. Take simple steps to ensure that you receive legitimate orders from real customers:

Request an identity verification from a customer to make sure that the payment medium used at the checkout belongs to them. 

Request proof of address from a customer to make sure that delivery is made to the location the customer has physical access to.

Request an ID document together with the selfie from a customer to verify that the customer meets the minimum age requirements for certain product categories.

Identity document

Ask your customer to present the front and back pictures of their passport or national ID to verify their identity and protect your Shopify store from fake customers.

You remain in full control of identity document verification and make a final decision to let the order through or not.

Utility Bill

Ask your customer to present the most recent utility bill with their name on it, to make sure that this customer has access to the property where goods will be delivered.

You remain in full control of delivery address verification and make a final decision to let the order through or not.

Selfie Verification

Ask your customer to take a selfie in addition to presenting their ID document to verify that the ID they presented belongs to them. This method is best used for age verification.

You remain in full control of the selfie reviewal and make a final decision to let the order through or not.

Alerts and Actions

Shopify Fraud Protection is all about timely detecting any fraud attempts. Get notified about any suspicious orders in real time and take immediate action! Set up smart alerts to always be up to date with everything that is happening in your Shopify store.

Receive notifications about:

Any unusual orders (high quantity, unusually high value, etc.)

Any verification activity (verification requests triggered, verification documents submitted, etc)

Any specific order types (any order above 10,000 USD, any order of a specific product or category, etc)

Take action whenever alerts are triggered!

Unusual quantity alerts

Get notified about any order of unusually high or low quantity, compared to historical data for the same product or product category.

Address mismatch alert

Get notified about any mismatch between the billing and shipping addresses of your customers. You can also automatically screen shipping addresses against the list of high-risk locations

Verification request alert

Get notified about any verification requests that were triggered by customers and the reason why they were triggered. You can then immediately access and review provided verification documents.

Order limits alert

Get notified about any orders that exceed periodic threshold limits per customer (for example, on all orders that exceed the 5,000 USD/mo. limit per customer on high-end jewelry products).

Improve your Shopify Fraud Protection with Fraud Judge

Improve your Shopify fraud protection from online fraud, fake customers, and delivery scams by choosing Fraud Judge now!Start your free 30-day trial and experience the full potential Fraud Judge has to offer.

Accept high-risk orders with confidence, at the same time improving the quality of customer experience you offer. Fraud Judge will help you apply flexible, risk-based principles in your Shopify fraud protection, at the same time keeping the checkout experience seamless for your customers.

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