Pay For What You Use.

Our pricing policy is simple - you only pay for what you use! No retainers, no setup costs, and no hidden fees.

Start and cancel anytime. And we offer even more value for advanced users!

Basic plan
Ideal for Shopify store owners who are just starting out or want to try Fraud Judge before buying it.
For limited usage
10 order checks / monthly
3 Customer Data verifications / monthy
Afterwards pay only for what you use
$0.03 fee per order check
$0.50 fee per each customer data verification request
Premium plan
Ideal for advanced Shopify store owners who are extensively using Fraud Judge to screen orders and customers at high volumes on a regular basis.
Or get billed $200 annually and get 2 months for free
Unlimited Order Checks
Unlimited Customer Data Verification requests
No Hidden Fees

Improve your Shopify Fraud Protection with Fraud Judge

Improve your Shopify fraud protection from online fraud, fake customers, and delivery scams by choosing Fraud Judge now!Start your free 30-day trial and experience the full potential Fraud Judge has to offer.

Accept high-risk orders with confidence, at the same time improving the quality of customer experience you offer. Fraud Judge will help you apply flexible, risk-based principles in your Shopify fraud protection, at the same time keeping the checkout experience seamless for your customers.

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